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How to hack everwing game

Everwing, the battle game from Blackstorm Labs is yet to be released in Android and iOS. But the enormous acceptance of the game through the Facebook is undoubtedly a reason to be discussed in our site. You’ll function as guardians and play hard to smash your rivals or monsters with your dragons.

The game can be played through Facebook messenger currently but unlike other battle game Everwing has an addictive nature. Similar to other game, it has the mechanism of the in-game micro economy through coins and golds. For serious gamers, it is ideal for investigating operating Everwing hack and achieving those resources.

In this article, we will make you familiar with some quality Everwing Cheats that have many advantages, and they are only free of charge for unlimited gaming resources.

Top Everwing Hack and Cheats for Coins and Jewels

Unlock as many as Fairies

Quests are the generator of coins and gems in Everwing, and you need to play a large number of quests. Our cheats for everwing in this regard is to unlock a variety of Fairies. Some players love to upgrade the level of the fairies instead of opening new ones. Upgrading fairies can give you additional benefits, but if you unlock a variety of fairies they have significant advantages as follows:

  • The number of fairies will open another number of quests for you. When you own more fairies, you can send more dragons and fairies to win the quests.
  • Your dragons get more experience as they are involved in quests. So additional quests mean the other experience for the dragons.
  • Additional Quests brings additional coins.

Optimal Uses of Fairies

Fairies are your best friends in Everwing. Using an optimal use of Fairies, you can earn additional coins, but you have to know that all fairies are not for the same purpose.

  • Sophia and Lily are the two harbinger of fortune who generates double the coins. Among them, Lily has the command in both Normal Run and Quest mode to double coins and gems that you collect. So the foremost of our Everwing cheats is to unlock Lily at the earliest time. Even though it costs you an additional coin, but Lily can pay you back that coins and gems through her power.
  • Sophia is double faster in completing quests. We have said in the previous point about the additional number of quests that earn more coins. Sophia can complete them faster and make the double at the same time.

Jewels are better than coins

Many gamers hanker after coins in everwing. But our Everwing hack is different than their thought. We suggest you collect jewels as you play infinite runner mode. So give priority to Gems over Coins whenever you see Gems and Coins fly throughout the screen. After all, regardless of how many coins are scattered throughout the screen, one rare Gem is always worth more and less risky to collect. A coin is only one unit while a gem is multiple coins. Here are the different jewels and their costs:

  • 1 Amethyst Gem is equivalent to 10 coins.
  • 1 Diamond Gem is equivalent to 40 coins.
  • 1 Ruby Gem is equivalent to 20 coins.

Collect Magnets

With less effort, magnets chucked by monsters are a great way to obtain more coins and gems. As you pass through them, magnets attract the coins, gems or any other items to you. These coins and gems are added to your points immediately without effort to pick up them.

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You don’t have to risk collecting loot, and you survive in the game for longer. The only thing is that the magnet effect does not stay for a long time. So what you think, isn’t it easiest among Everwing cheats?

Sell Your Dragon Appropriately

You will surely have a lot more different dragons on your roster if you have a level 30 dragon. Most of them aren’t going to be useful, so selling them is wise. Our Everwing hack is if you want to make many coins, then it’s the way to get them trained up to level 29 and sell them! Dragons at Level 29 gives you a lot of coins that you can use to buy more dragon eggs.

I recommend against the sale of Level 30 dragons as they will only provide a few trophies, which aren’t worthy in the long run.

What is Everwing Coins and Jewels Generator?

If you search online with “how to hack everwing“, you will find thousands of pages, which claim that you can generate unlimited Coins and Jewels for free through their tools and generators. No one can create an online tool that can produce such game resources immediately.

everwing generator

everwing cheats generator

Our research about these sites leads to a non-productive result. These are just a gimmick for you and created for other interest.

You are redirected to a method of human verification when you enter these sites. Human verifications are designed to collect your details that are later traded for marketing purposes.

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Also, distance yourself from Everwing hack chrome extensions. We do not deal with these vulnerable hacks and scripts to change the game which is not legit. Your Facebook account may get banned for using such hacks.

Top 5 Everwing cheats for steady progress in the game

For being a consistent player, earning coins plays a vital role in Everwing. But it is equally important to know the ideal way to play and win over your rival.  At the start, it is difficult to see what the main factors are to focus on, and it requires many levels to figure out these crucial ways. For a beginner this game is dense and complicated, so follow the Everwing cheats mentioned below.

1. Buy dragon eggs in a lot

Take your coins and buy up an entire lot of typical eggs when you are going on a common dragon evolution round. You will obtain several duplicates, which is necessary for the development of your dragons.

You will need two identical dragons, and for the first evolution, you will need both of them to be level 10. Both will have to be level 20 for the next development.

2. Properly use Sidekicks Dragons

Although the uncommon and epic dragons get their abilities, common dragons have the sidekicks that are their brutal strength. In particular, put them to be used against raid bosses, since they can contribute the most dangerous when levelled up properly. It’s true that fairies will always surpass them. However, our Everwing cheats suggest is evolving sidekick dragons are very helpful because they have good firepower.

3. Evolve your dragons correctly

Sidekick dragons will become stronger through levelling up and evolving. But you must know that if you develop them by Zodiac Evolution, they could get additional strength. The Zodiac Evolution is a form of evolution which involves matching dragons of same zodiac signs.

If two Tier 1 dragons of the same zodiac sign develop at Level 10, they will receive an additional 25 per cent bonus attack damage on the next tier. Similarly, if you develop two tier2 dragons at level 20 of the same zodiac sign a bonus attack damage of+ 35 per cent on their tier 3 form is obtained. Therefore use this cheats for everwing and gain additional benefit.

4. Properly use Fairies

As earlier we have given some Everwing cheats for optimal use of fairies to generate coins there are some additional ones for the gameplay.

  • Lenore has a superpower of double life which is quite useful active battles. Her ability to come back to life after her death is instantaneous. Play like her if you want to dodge and survive much longer than any other fairy. Lenore will surely last the longest, whether you play Normal Run Mode or the Boss Raid Mode.
  • Jade has a killer instinct that is quite useful in ongoing battles. After charging its charging meter, Jade can become invincible and treat double damage for some time. You can use Jade and remove all the evil monsters and bosses.
  • Arcana can beat everybody in the performance of high damage per second (DPS). After charging their charge meter, Arcana can do unimaginable effect with her power of dragon spell and dragon clones. We recommend using this killer to protect everybody and to save your world.
  • Fiona is best to perform as guardians of dragons and best to use them in 24 hours quest. With Fiona along with them, sidekick dragons can get the best experience. It is a useful Everwing hack to upgrade the dragon level.

5. Properly use your power-ups

You can use different power-ups to increase the efficiency of your alias fairies or dragons.

  • Rush Flower’s power enables the Guardian to operate insanely fast. For several seconds, infinite ammo is awarded to the Guardian, and all on its way can be eliminated. Keep an eye on an everwing hack like the Rush Flowers to obliterate all monsters and loot and pillage them.
  • With the power of the Speed Rush, you can crush all of your opponents without attempt and in no time before meeting the Monster Queen.

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We believe that now you know how to hack everwing to dominate the game and gather coins, trophies and eggs in quick time while playing with your friends on Facebook. In general, new players avoid these cheats and hacks because they do not know how to use them or because they are somewhat worried about things like account prohibition and viruses.

Our genuine and legitimate Everwing cheats are not of that kind or nature, and you will find these tips and tricks helpful to gain a better understanding of the game.